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For Solar Companies & Solar Pros

From saving the planet, to saving people money, saving energy, and creating a brighter future...
You're a bit strapped. Let us help!

Free Up Your Time

Focus On Your Craft

Feel Like a Boss

You Don't Need to Stress About Your Finances

It’s an excellent time to be a solar pro! It is as rewarding as it is challenging and demanding. 

Between meeting your personal goals, company quotas, managing appointments, closing deals, and scheduling installs, the time and energy to maintain your books is slim to none. And when it’s all said and done, do you REALLY even want to? I mean really…

You may be doing very well based on the numbers in your bank account, but do you know how you are performing as a business?

I specialize in helping solar pros get a handle on their finances to make decisions with confidence by providing virtual accounting and advisory services.

Go close some deals, master your craft, expand your mini energy empire, do what you love, and leave the rest to me! 

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How It Works

I walk you through a simple three-step process to help you take control of your finances and start growing your business with confidence.

Setup & Organize

If you are like most solar pros that I have worked with, there may be no financial distinction between you and your business. To start on a solid foundation, we will review your financials (no matter how pretty or ugly they may be) to get a rough picture of how you are right now. With that set, the only way to go is UP!

Steamline & Optimize

Once we get an idea of how things are, we can now determine what needs to improve, and how to go about doing that. We will take a look at automations, integrations, and any other potential "-ations" that can help you work smarter, and to also make reviewing your finances something you look forward to!

Support & Advise

A lot of what’s been done in the first two parts may be challenging and uncomfortable. But that’s the best part! There is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone. At this step, you are securing your place on a higher path, and we are here to help you stay the course. We want to party when you win, give us a reason to PARTY!

Taking Care of All
Your Bookkeeping Needs

I offer a variety of services to help you save time and manage your growth!

Daily Transaction Monitoring & Recording

Ensure you don't miss out on possible tax breaks and deductions by accurately recording all of your expenses.

Monthly Financial Statements

Keep up to date with your business's financial health with monthly Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements, and Balance Sheets.

Historical Reviews & Cleanups

I'll review and correct any existing issues in your financial records, helping you set your business up for long-term success.

Quickbooks Onboarding & Setup

Establish sound bookkeeping practices with the Quickbooks Online platform. Includes onboarding and training for any existing staff.

Expert Analysis & Recommendations

Get more out of your books with pre-recorded or in-person meetings where I'll review your financial statements and give you expert guidance.

Year-End Financial Statements

Get all of the necessary statements and forms sent directly to your CPA to ensure your taxes are filed correctly and on time.

I Can Also Help You With:

Discover How Your
Business Can Improve

At Discovery Bookkeeping, you get more than just up-to-date books and accurate financials. I help you use your books as a tool for growing your sales business, making it easier for you to:

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Your Dedicated Partner

Hey! I’m Zach Johnson, an Arizona native, husband, father, self proclaimed comedian, and outdoorsman. Oh, and the founder of Discovery Bookkeeping!

I opened up my doors to help some of the hardest-working people on the planet succeed in doing what they do best. I have a colorful history in sales and accounting. I understand the amount of dedication, creative thought, energy, and time that goes into your craft. Bottom line, you really don’t like to waste your time!

Accurate financial data is CRITICAL to helping you grow in your profession. You CANNOT make informed financial decisions without it. My goal is to help you understand your data to help you realize your goals (whether it be growing your own mini empire, or taking over the world). 

Let’s talk! 

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How Much Does Bookkeeping Cost?

Pricing for our services varies upon your financial activity, service package, and what your role is in the industry. A general rule of thumb is you can expect your yearly spend on our services to be about 1-3% of your gross revenues.

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